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Speed up the whole process of skin rejuvenation through stem cell therapy from outside-in

At 30 years of age, only half of a person's stem cells are active, and by age 60, very few are active.

This miracle cream is not regular skin care; very little amount is necessary for the magic of stem cell therapy to take effect. It is derived from plant extract technology that allows stem cell therapy rejuvenation from outside in. The migration of stem cells to the organs, to the hair follicles, to the eyelashes, eyebrows, nails, front lobe of the brain, etc. allows this outside-in transformation.

Almost everyone taking iHeRQles has noticed the benefits for their body using the inside-out stem cell therapy. iRevive was designed to speed up the whole process of stem cell migration so that maximum benefits can be experienced. The migration of stem cells process of skin rejuvenation works in the following way: if applied to the skin of the face and neck, or to the shoulders and chest, or the back of hands, using our seven-dot system (, iRevive has the capability to create new stem cell activity and rejuvenate aging skin. The new stem cells under the epidermal layer will grow faster; this way, the skin rejuvenation process is noticeable in a very short time. The texture and feel of the skin hours after application is a true sign of stem cell therapy at work. The combined use of iHeRQles for the inside-out creates the environment for faster migration of stem cells throughout the entire body.

Finally, a miracle cream that can take your skin to the next level.

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May Help with the following:

  • Diminish Fine Lines
  • Dissolve Damaged Cells
  • Skin Rejuvenation
  • Expedite the Exfoliating Process
  • Stem Cell Support

The major step in understanding aging and related illnesses was represented by the creation of the INSTITUTE OF GERONTOLOGY in the mid-1950s, located in Bucharest, Romania. The worldwide known Professor Dr. Ana Aslan became the Director of that institute and remained the leader for more than 4 decades. The “secret” of increased longevity was properly demonstrated on countless cases.

A safe anti-inflammatory looked like a dream, but now it is a reality.

The next step to avoid fast aging came up in 2009 when three researchers were NOBEL PRIZE awarded for using DNA TEST (on TELOMERES) for biological age evaluation. This was a good tool to demonstrate the “biological age reversed” developed also by the European scientists using SELF STEM CELL ADVANCED TECHS. If Liquid Gold Qx acts like a toxin neutralizer that allows the body to diminish inflammation throughout the entire body, the new technology SSC ADVATECHS made a big step forward by activating the immune system to eliminate the “faster aging cells” at a higher rate.This way, the “biochemical signal” signals the need for the stem cells to replace the faster aging cells. The final step was achieved by a powerful computerized system that formulated the “perfect nutritional support” for the new, healthy stem cells to grow and to replace the old, fast aging cells. Many of the “ traditionally used plants for longevity” were intensively studied as well.

iHeRQles is based on the ultimate, most advanced nutritional support using a computer assisted combination of plant extracts (partial extracts). This product offers a safe way for a possibly longer life. It is obvious that all devastating, debilitating illnesses are directly related to early age inflammation and impaired microcirculation due to fast aging cells. Most of the neurological issues should be treated first as inflammation/ circulatory system problem.

iHeRQles is a major breakthrough in age related issues! ... take advantage of something unprecedented!

Extracts (partial) from the following plants:

  • Lemon Balm (Melissa Officinalis)
  • Chamomile (Marticaria Chamomila)
  • Elder (Ambuscus Nigra)
  • Red Clover (Trifolium Pretense)
  • Rosemary (Rosmarinus Officinalis)
  • St. John's Wort (Hypericum Perforating)
  • Echinacea (Echinacea Augusifolia)
  • Rosehip (Rosa Canina)

All extracts are purified, stabilized and sterilized.

Contents: 5 ML

How to Use the Products iHeRQles and iRevive Correctly Together for Stem Cell Therapy and to Reverse Your Biological Age According to the Science Team Who are the Developers of this Technology

Your red blood cells replenish themselves every 4 months, so to bring them under the influence of iHeRQles, which works from the inside out, we have a loading phase where you do 4 sprays of iHeRQles in your mouth two times a day for the first 4 months, which takes 8 bottles of product and then 4 sprays one time a day every day thereafter, which takes 1 bottle per month to increase and maintain your results.

We have a loading phase of iRevive miracle cream, which works from the outside in, where you do two applications a day for the first 2 months, (watch the 7-dot system on This application twice a day can be done on the neck and face, the back of hands and fingers for age spots, or on the chest and back for sun damaged skin. These applications take 8 (5ml) containers of product for the first two months and then one application a day on the skin using the 7-dot system every day thereafter, to achieve the outside in benefits of this technology. This takes 2 (5ml) containers (or one 10ml container) per month to increase and maintain your results.

Both products (iHeRQles and iRevive) can be purchased together for $139 per month to achieve the inside out and outside in benefits. If one cannot afford both products, then continue with the inside out with iHeRQles. Find two customers and receive BOTH products for HALF price!

It takes 3 years of continual daily usage to change the cells of your organs and 7 years of continual daily usage to change the cells of your bones.

Note: If you do not continue using this technology daily, then you will revert back to your old cells and an older biological age. In other words, this is not a 1 bottle wonder. For those wanting stem cell therapy and biological age reversal possibilities the protocols of loading and usage must be followed. Biological age reversal happens when the growth rate of new stem cells outweighs the death rate of aged old dying cells.

Remember, the three main factors for chance at a longer life are: (1) open and clean veins, (2) open and clean arteries, and (3) open and clean lymphatic system to fight infection and disease.