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No Colorants or Synthetic Filter
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If you had the possibility to be able to reverse your biological age, would you want to know about it? 

An exclusive new science protection plant extract technology product with uncontaminated premium food extracts designed and targeted for superior telomere support to promote biological cellular reverse aging possibilities. 

Telomeres Support
New Cells That Can Live Longer
Increase Stamina
Enhance Endurance
Enhance Cognitive Abilities
Faster Muscle Growth
Faster Recovery
Better Skin and Nails

That’s where iHeRQles comes into the picture. As part of its Healthy Aging Solution, Nu Xtrax features iHeRQles as an exclusive new science protection plant extract technology product with uncontaminated premium food extracts designed and targeted for superior telomere support to promote biological cellular reverse aging possibilities.

The length of telomeres, or the caps on the ends of chromosomes that protect DNA in cells, is the key to healthy aging. In the simplest terms, "when telomers get short, bad things happen." To live a long healthy life, scientists have offered guidelines for telomere health that include controlling stress, getting optimal nutrition, obtaining quality sleep, minimizing toxin exposure, and finally, bolstering antioxidant defenses against free radicals and reactive oxygen species.

As we age, our cells are constantly dividing and our telomeres shorten during the process as was found from the winning of the Nobel Prize in 2009.

Below is our 2 month loading phase for the maximum benefit in the shortest time frame. Then, it is 1 bottle per month thereafter to increase and maintain the biological age reversal possibilities.

If you do not continue using iHeRQles everyday, then you will revert back to your old biological age. In other words, this is not a 1 bottle wonder. For those wanting biological age reversal possibilities the protocols of usage must be followed.

iHeRQles Ingredient List...

Name derived from the golden color and a recipe of plant extracts that are to be taken daily. The product contains no gold.
Just Spray It Everyday!

The Question

If there was a way for your body to help neutralize the poisons from our contaminated food, water and air supply on a daily basis, would you be open to information on how that is possible?

Real Evidence

The Information

Liquid Gold Qx (LGQX) is new science protection using premium food quantum extracts (Qx) with zero contaminants. Simply spray 4 sprays every day in your mouth 15 minutes before your largest meal. LGQX works by delivering non-contaminated plant extract combinations from the Mediterranean mountain ranges. These extract combinations allow the body to have a break from the constant bombardment from contaminated food sources, allowing the body to help neutralize the poisons consumed in the contaminated food, water and air we intake! The question begs to be answered… what happens when the new born babies up until they are 20 years old in the developmental stages of their life are exposed to these poisons on a  daily basis starting with the mother’s breastmilk? According to the science team and the developers of this product, the results may be catastrophic. As the body receives LGQX once a day, it allows the body to produce two things…. Open vessels and clean vessels. As we like to call it…. Open pipes, clean pipes. This may be the key to the blood  being delivered to the immune system in a more effective way to help protect you and your family better.

Meet our Ingredients

Hedge your bets… build a better fort. Protection is everything.
With 90 years of study and the usage of this technology by doctors, elite clientele from all over the world and the affluent, the high price point of over $200 a month has not made it cost effective. Now because of production capabilities, which brings a more affordable price, everyone has the opportunity to get to know LGQX and decide for themselves. With the usage of this technology by doctors, billionaires, movie stars and the affluent, one would have to wonder are they just ill-informed or do they know something that the
 average person does not. 

Now, do these three things:
1. Simply listen to our 3 minute call at 1-800-557-7023.
2. Tour this web site that you are already reading.
3. Go to our fan page at for up to date news and testimonies.

The Decision

Now that you have seen the information, a $65 plus shipping and handling or about a $2.50 a day decision is now what is necessary.  This is a chance for you to protect you and your family in a better way. We even have a way for you to help 2 others with this information and your price then becomes $1 a day, which is less than a cup of coffee. Our goal at Wellness Research Group International (WRGI) is to build a community of users that create an environment for better health statistics over time than the status quo person without this protection.